Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tiny Tots and Tunes

Mommy and I have been going to a weekly music class (Tiny Tots and Tunes) at our church for several months now. Kennedy and Courtney signed up to go with us too and we've even met tons of new friends during our time! Kennedy and I are the youngest in our class and were both a little reserved at first...but now, we LOVE it!!! We love to play our instruments, sing our songs and play with our friends. Oh and the bubbles! How could I forget the bubbles?!? Anyway, Tuesday was our last class of the year so we all invited our daddies (or other family members) to come watch what we had learned. Mommy thought it was SO cute that this was kind of like my first "recital" :o)! Daddy loved seeing all that we do and was really impressed with my skills!

Like father, like daughter :o)

Everyone goes to get their bells.

This is one of my favorite songs!

Daddy, look how good I am!!!

Mmmmmore bubbles!!!