Monday, April 28, 2008

18 months


It blows my mind that you are already 1 1/2!!! I really try to treasure each and every day, but they just seem to go faster and faster. People always told me it would get more and more fun as you got older. It was hard to believe it could get any better than the day you were born, but you truly do bless me more and we have even more fun every day. I LOVE that we can communicate so well lately...we really have two-way conversations and it's awesome! I love you, precious girl!!!

1. This month, we told everyone about the new BABY!!! Although you knew about the baby almost as soon as daddy and I knew, it was fun to keep it a secret between us for a little while :o). You are SO excited about the give mommy's tummy kisses, tell the baby "i love you", and love to read your new baby book. The thing we love the most is when we ask, "do you want a boy or girl?" OR "do you want a brother or sister?" you ALWAYS answer, "baby". Kind of like, who cares if it's a boy or girl, I just want a baby! We can't wait to watch you be a big sister!

2. This is SO sweet...this month, you started saying, "I love you too" when we told you we love you. It wasn't something we ever taught you intentionally, just something you picked up. It just melts our hearts :o)!

3. Well, we're back to one nap this month. We'll see if it lasts! You take your one nap from about 1:00-4:00 which has been really nice for mommy since I haven't been feeling so good lately. You are such a great little sleeper and we are so proud of you for making this big step!

4. You are definitely ALL girl...your love affair with shoes has really gotten into full swing this month! You love to tell us to take your "shoes off" or put your "shoes on". It's not limited to just your shoes though, you also bring us our shoes and tell us, "mommy shoes on". You are quite demanding about it! You love to try on our shoes, but get pretty frustrated when it's hard to lug the things around. Poor you, mommy and daddy both have big feet :o)! Another funny thing you do is tell people about your shoes. At Target the other day, you pointed to your shoes and told the woman behind us, "pretty shoes". I guess I must have told you that a lot!

5. Okay, this part is gross, but it's been our have been such a great support to mommy during all the times I've gotten sick in the bathroom. At first, you were really concerned and would cry when I got sick, but after a while you just joined stand beside me and spit in the toilet while I get sick. Gross, but true. I know you are just trying to help me feel better :o). The worst day came when you actually had a little bug that made your tummy sick. We were sitting on the couch together when you said, "uh-oh", got sick in my lap and all over you :o(. It was SO sad. So while you took a quick bath, mommy got sick too. We called daddy that day and cried. We were pretty pitiful!

6. You want to be outside ALL the time lately! You are constantly peeking out the window at Tatum or out the front window at the cars. We go to the park in your wagon a LOT, spend time outside with our sidewalk chalk or just take walks together. We are really enjoying the warmer weather!

7. You have become such a little monkey lately...climbing everywhere! When I picked you up from the nursery at church the other day, they commented on this little skill. Apparently, you had crawled up onto the snack table and were jumping. Nice. You are also getting better at climbing up and down small steps without any help. What a big girl!!! The biggest problem has become that you'd rather "walk" up and down the stairs than crawl up and slide down on your tummy like you always have. We have to remind you often that you need mommy and daddy's help to do this!

8. We FINALLY turned your car seat around this month. We really felt better about keeping you backwards until now, (since you just surpassed the 20 lb. mark this month) but I am just LOVING having you face me. It's so fun to be able to look back there and see you reading or sucking your fingers or just looking out the window. You really seem to love it too! I feel like you are such a big girl now!!!

9. We've been working a lot on our numbers and colors this month and it cracks me up. Pretty much anytime I ask, "what color is that?", you answer, "yellow". No matter what color it really is. Someday we'll figure out there are other colors :o). And then there is the counting...we've been counting things during your day for as long as I can remember, so I thought this would be a little easier. This is exactly how you count, everytime, "1, 2, 5". No matter how many times I say, "1, 2, 3", you simply don't like it that way :o). But I'll give you this, if I help you with 3, you can get 4 and 5 on your own. Way to go, little one!

10. I know you've probably had ice cream before (right Granddaddy?) but as far as we know, you had your first real ice cream cone this month. We had a little family outing to Braums to share some ice cream and you were so funny. You thought the ice cream was too cold, but you kept asking for "waffles". It took us forever to realize you meant the cone! Duh, parents! You pretty much ate all of daddy's cone and loved it!

11. You got to visit both sets of your grandparents this month! It's taking you less time to "warm-up" each time we visit and always talk about them when we get home! We know you love each and every one of them and WE know you are SO blessed to have them!!! Oh, and they all spoil you like crazy :o).

12. You've become quite the little collector this month. You like to roam around and store up things in purse, Easter basket, shopping cart. It's so cute to see what you've found around the house and notice that a lot of times it's our stuff.

13. This month you've gotten pretty fearless in the water. You love to lay back where your ears are covered and listen to yourself make noises. It's so funny! Daddy gave you most of your baths this month (to give mommy some down time) and I could always hear tons of laughing and splashing coming from your bathroom :o).

14. You are a music gal!!! We have been doing a music class at church for several months and had our big "end of the year" party this month. You were the youngest person in the class and it took you quite a while to actually participate AT class, but at home you would sing and do all the hand motions with me so I knew you were learning! I just love knowing your preferences lately! When I ask what song you want to sing, you really do ask for the one you want. It's fun to see your interests!

15. This month has brough plenty of quality time with daddy! Daddy has been WONDERFUL to both of us during this time of mommy not feeling well. You guys often have dinner together, play and he gives you a bath while mommy lays down and just listens to you guys. I hate feeling like I'm missed out, but I know you are both loving it :o). You certainly are a daddy's girl. And I love to hear and watch how differently daddy does things with you and realize my way is only one way...and that his often seems to be a little more fun. I'll have to take a few notes from him!

16. You are really into "playing house" recently. Your grandparents bought you a great playhouse for your birthday and it's definitely one of your favorite places to be. You LOVE LOVE to peek around the windows and doors at me and it's super cute! You talk on the phone in your house, play with your babies and take all your purses in there.

17. Oh wow, do you love drawing!!! This month is the first time I've really seen you have such an interest in something that you will throw a fit if you don't get to do it! You want to "dwaw" all the time...with sidewalk chalk, on my grocery list, on your chalkboard, on paper, just anywhere. If you ever see someone using a pen/pencil of some sort, you immediately start asking (ok, whining) to "dwaw". I love that you are interested! And, you already hold your pencil correctly...we never even had to show you how!

18. We believe that you have started showing some interest in the potty. You talk about the potty and know when mommy and daddy go to the potty. We've talked to the dr. about starting potty training in the next few months, so we'll see!?!