Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Can you believe all the "no" in March!?!? Last night, mommy and daddy were shocked to see such a beautiful snow storm outside! I mean, Sunday afternoon it hit 75 degrees and we enjoyed some time outside and them Monday it's "nowing". Gotta love Texas :o) They couldn't wait for me to wake up in the morning so I could see all the "no". Of course, I LOVED it! "No, no, no", I said! We're talking 2-3 inches here! I wanted to go out right away, but my mommy is a big cold-weenie, so by the time we made our way outside later in the morning, a lot had already melted away. I still had fun though. "No" is SO cold! Everytime I picked some up, I would say "Brrr" :o). I just wish I would have remembered to make a "no-man". Oh well...next year!

Daddy was really thinking last night when he picked out my "no-man" jammies :o)

Look at all of it!!!

Look, there it is...the "no" (at least what's left of it)


Cold on my fingers!!!

I love "no"!!!!

Headed back in the house...see you later, "no" :o)