Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Me and daddy

Mommy had plans tonight with some girls from church, so Daddy and I hung out at the house. I think he must have known that we'd miss Mommy, so he planned a few things for us to do. First of all, we had to eat. Neither Daddy nor I are much fun till you feed us, so we had to chow down.

The fine gourmet meal we enjoyed included pancakes, eggs and some milk. Daddy also made me a "Mickey Mouse" pancake too. Not sure who that guy is, but it sure tasted good.

Baylor played a basketball game tonight, so we hung out on the couch watching the game. Daddy said it's most fun to watch the game in your underwear and a tshirt, and he was right. He thought I tried to change the channel a few times, but I was just making sure he was watching the game.

Then, it was time to get ready for bed. I got my PJs on, and headed to the gameroom since I wasn't ready for night-night quite yet. I showed Daddy how much cooler my ride was than his truck, we played some golf, and then it was time for a bedtime story. Daddy picked the book, and he said it was his favorite one from when he was my age.

We missed Mommy, and I sure hope she gets home soon. Thanks for hanging out with me Daddy...