Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas Carlisle-Style

We had the most wonderful Carlisle Christmas this year! We got to spend an entire week there celebrating Scott's birthday, Christmas and tons of other family fun...definitely one of my favorite Christmases ever!

Celebrating daddy's 29th...can't wait until next year when he's SUPER old :o)

This year, Gebo thought it might be fun if we bought a real tree and spent time as a family making old-fashion homemade ornaments to decorate with. It was WAY fun! We did paper chains, popcorn and cranberry ornaments and daddy made a pretty impressive star :o). What a fun idea!
On Christmas Eve, we went to a wonderful candelight service and spent some time preparing our hearts for Christmas! It was great and the girls did fabulous! It was Emerson's first time in "big church" and she seemed to love it...she sat quietly during the service and seemed to enjoy the music and candlelight. It's so fun to share these experiences with her! And Miss Hayden-Kate only made one little peep the whole time...good girl! Of course, we had to get a few pics in their Christmas dresses too.

And we ended the day by getting in our jammies, packing up some hot chocolate and going to look at Christmas lights. Hayden stayed home with Gig and Gebo but Em, Uncle Ross, Scott and I had a great time! We've spent many nights during this season out looking at lights, but this night was the best...we knew some of the best houses in Granbury and they didn't disappoint!

Christmas Day was just wonderful! Poor Uncle Ross had to get up a little earlier than he'd probably like to, but none of us wanted to miss Emerson's reaction! She had so much fun tearing through the stockings (yes, she opened them all...I guess we all needed help) and opening presents. We were definitely all very spoiled! And of course, Gigi made a delicious brunch as usual :o).

But my favorite part of the morning was our telling of the Christmas story. This is always something my dad has done on Christmas morning, but we put a little spin on it this year...we all took "characters" from the nativity scene and acted it out. What a fun way to remember the Savior's birth and help Emmy understand it :o).

Next, we decided to hit the bowling alley and pretty much had it to ourselves! Good memories! Oh, and I lost WAY bad...even my daughter beat me!

Another day during our visit, Gigi and the girls had their first tea party! It was TOO cute! Emmy loved sipping tea out of her big-girl cup and chowed down on the cookies. Hayden just watched this time, but her daddy wouldn't let me post the picture of her b/c he doesn't want to admit he attended the party too :o).

And on our last day there, we got to have another Christmas with the rest of the Carlisles. We always love being with Uncle Jim, Aunt Traci and Grammy and made lots of sweet memories this time too!

And here are a few other pics from the week. What a wonderful vacation.......

Emmy and Uncle Ross spent a LOT of time watching Tiger & Pooh on his computer...what a sweet uncle!

Gebo got really good at feeding Hayden her bottles! Which, by-the-way, little missy is really packing on the pounds so thank you all for your prayers!!!

Here's Em in her very own Dora bed that Gigi and Gebo got for her when she visits. She LOVED it!

Gigi and Emmy making thumbprint cookies...yummmmmm-mmmy!

Daddy is so good and getting miss Hayden to smile :o)

Em loves to play "Hayden's gonna get you!"! Hope little Hayden Kate doesn't mind :o)