Wednesday, January 30, 2008

15 Months Old

Dear Missy Moo,

I can't believe you are really a toddler now! It blows my mind how fast we have gotten here and I just try to treasure each and every moment with you. This month has shown us so much about your personality and independence! We love you so much and are so proud of you! Here are 15 fabulous facts about you at 15 months:

1. You continue to talk up a storm and just tickle us to death with what you say! Your teachers at church always comment on all you had to say and when we are out and about, strangers always comment on how well you are talking. You usually greet them with a "hi", point to something like their shirt, tell them about it and then say "bye-bye"! You're a riot!

2. You are definitely Miss Manners! You happen to really be into "thank-yous" right now. Hey, it could be worse :o) Yesterday, you told Dr. G. thank-you after he looked in your ears and told the nurses thank you (through your sobs) after they gave you your shots. It was precious! You also love to ask "please" and even tell us "no thank-you" and "welcome" (when we remind you). I'm proud of my Miss Manners!

3. You got your fifth tooth this month! We didn't even know you had it until Gigi spotted it next to your top left tooth. It's a very pretty tooth, I might add :o). We're pretty sure the matching one is headed on out too, but we're still waiting.

4. You've started making a TON of requests lately! While we used to have to prompt you (except when it came to your lovie), you now ask for stuff all by yourself...stuff like your juice, books, eat, play, go, help and certain toys. It must really help to be able to use your words to tell us!

5. You are a HOOT in the tub! You are such a little stinker and will absolutely SOAK me and daddy with all your splishing and splashing! And, you've started laying back in the water and kicking too. We think you like how it sounds with your ears under the water :o).

6. You really enjoy being with friends! Your daddy and I have the privilege of being your teachers at church once a month and we were so excited to see you interact so well with your friends. We have been so fortunate that you haven't gone through a real separation-anxiety stage yet, and love that you really seem to flourish in group environments!

7. As your teachers at church, we also realized really quickly that you may be just a bit, well, let's just call it being a "leader" :o)! We really do think God has gifted you with leadership qualities, and it certainly brings us to our knees knowing how to guide you into being a Godly leader!

8. You've started singing along to certain parts of songs/rhymes that we have done for a long time now! Your favorites seem to be "Wheels on the Bus", "Jesus loves me", "Pat-a-cake", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", and "Deep and Wide". We just started a music class together and I can already tell you are going to love learning new songs!

9. You've been making a ton of choices lately (too bad mommy didn't think of this earlier) and are loving it! You chose between pancakes/waffles for breakfast, two different fruits at lunch, two different outfits in the morning, two different snacks and two different jammies at night. We're so proud of your big girl choices!

10. You LOVE helping out around the house so we've started giving you more responsibilities! When it's time to change your diaper, you go get it for me out of the drawer (usually you grab a few :o) ), you help mommy find her shoes in the morning, you help us turn off all the lights and of course, you help clean up around your playroom. Way to go!

11. Oh yeah, you are a full-time walker now!!! We decided a few weeks ago to use a little tough-love and basically told you to stand up and walk everytime you sat down or tried to crawl. I think you just needed a little encouragement, and boy, you are off to the races now! It's crazy how fast you are too. You can be right next to me one minute and the next minute you are off in a whole other room. Mommy really has to be on her toes now :o)

12. We've started transitioning you from two naps a day to one. It's going fine, but there are days that you still just need two. I think it's been more of a transition for mommy than you :o)!

13. I think you are the ONLY 15-month-old that still has a mobile in her crib! I know it's a little embarrasing, but you just really love it. You've never tried to pull it down, so we never really thought of taking it out. And you still turn it on at the beginning of almost every nap, so we just figure you still like it. Don't worry, we'll make you lose it before Kindergarten :o)

14. Well, we've had to start time-out this month and it's actually going pretty well. We got you a "time-out mat" that you have to sit on. Right now, you're not there for more than 20-30 seconds, but I think it's actually sending a message. I know you are trying really hard to be obedient and we are so proud of you!!!

15. I LOVE to watch you pretend! You love playing "mommy" to your baby and it's precious to see your hug her, feed her, kiss her, tell her "night night" and push her around in the stroller. You also love to pretend with your farm animals, your kitchen tools and your playhouse. Praise God for your creative mind!

Daddy and I cannot wait to see what this month holds! We are so proud of you and love watching as God helps us mold you into such a special little lady. Love you!!!