Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sic 'em Bears!

This past weekend was my very first Baylor Homecoming! Wowie-zowie! I can see why mommy and daddy are so crazy about that place. I mean, yeah, so the football isn't something to write home about, but there's just SO much more than football. For one, there are all the friends...old and new! We all had the best time visiting with lots of mommy and daddy's college buddies. Some have new exciting jobs, some are married, some have even had little "baby bears" that will soon be my friends when I head to Bear Country in 2025 :o)! Not to mention the incredible parade! I'm serious, it's rumored to be the biggest (and best) college parade in the country. I would agree! Our favorite float was the Chi Omega/Phi Chi float which just so happen to be mommy and daddy's sorority and fraternity. Baylor is just such a wonderful place...fond memories for mommy and daddy and a place for new memories too! Here are some pics from the parade:

Enjoying the parade in my green and gold!

Connor, Elliott, Emma and Robin watching the parade!

One of the cool floats!

Look what I found...those annoying little kleenex mommy keeps using on my nose :o(

Oliver and Elliott enjoying some snacks in their snazzy wagon!

The girls and their daddies :o)

Daddy - mommy - me

Connor - Oliver - Kathy - Elliott

Robin - Jill - Emma

The whole gang!

Emerson: "I don't want the parade to be over!!!"
Oliver: "Get it together, chick!"

Not only did we get to spend some quality time on campus, but we got to spend quality time with our friends! The Kreys graciously hosted our family and the Curry family...a fun little tradition that started years ago. Of course, it was much different then :o). We had SO much fun! Really, there are hardly words! How fun to get to hang out with my sweet friends and cause a little trouble with them :o). Mommy and daddy learned a lot about my personality this weekend too! Seems I am a little bit of a stinker...I'm not too keen on the whole sharing thing and I'm not the most gentle little gal out there! My friends sure were patient with me though. Now, Elliott and I did have a few "words", but sweet Emma and Oliver just tried to stay out of our way :o). Anyway...I have noticed that mommy and daddy keep talking to me about sharing since we've been back. Ha! Thanks Kreys and Currys. We love you guys!

Breakfast time!

While the daddies were at the game, we went home for a nap and then out for a walk.

The boys were working hard on sharing that balloon :o)

Oliver and Elliott have such fun toys.

I decided that I really like cars this weekend! Elliott tried really hard to teach me how to say "car" :o)

We called Kathy the "cookie lady" :o)! I loved those cookies and kept asking for more ("mo, mo, mo, mo").

I'm thinking about giving Connor a wet-willy...

Elliott and I are making some plans :o)

Emma and I might just be up to no good...

Of course, we had to eat dinner at was just a little more hectic than the mommies and daddies were used to :o)

Table for six and four highchairs please...

This hazard cone mysteriously ended up by our table by the end of the meal....hee hee!

Silly daddies hiding out in the playroom...ummm daddy, are you playing with the toys?

Oliver is cracking up at my Tatum :o)

This was the best pic we could muster of the whole group...we were all just a little tired and Oliver was sleeping. Better luck next time...

Oh yeah, thanks especially to Kathy and Jill for all the great pics...mommy did a terrible job of picture taking this trip!