Monday, November 12, 2007

"Daddy Phase"

Well, I'm going through my first "daddy phase"! This is the first time mommy and daddy can tell that I actually prefer one parent...and it just so happens to be daddy this time :o). I'll admit, mommy seems a little sad about it, but daddy keeps reminding her that it will be her day soon. See, I ask for my daddy ALL day long ("da da, da da, DA DA"), cry when he leaves the room, follow him wherever he goes, reach for him when mommy is holding me, crawl up in his lap and snuggle with him, turn my head around in the car and try to watch him, and I'll drop mommy like a bad habit anytime I hear him in another room or see him walk through the door. Just tonight, I was having a pretty rough time at dinner...then, daddy switched seats with mommy to be closer to me and I was A-O-K. It's pretty crazy. Even though mommy is totally jealous, she really does think it is so cute to see me becoming a "daddy's girl". "Lovey" daddy!