Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ear infections are no fun!

So, I got my first ear infection and it is just NOT fun! Mommy noticed around noon on Friday that I felt very warm. When she took my temp., it was 101.4! Yuck! I was still acting okay, so we decided to just take some Tylenol and stick close to home. The Tylenol kept my fever low grade and I slept just fine, so mommy and daddy thought I might just be having a hard time with some new teeth. But, Saturday I had fever the whole day AND I started acting more lethargic, fussy and just not myself. They don't really like giving me so much medicine, but the Tylenol was for sure working. By the time I could have more, my fever would have risen again. Just before bed last night, mommy thought I felt especially warm and when they checked, my temp. was 102.6! Time to go to the doctor. Luckily, Dr. G.'s office has a after hours office so we headed over there. Long story short...I have a right ear infection. Not too bad, but they did decide to give me a perscription to take care of it. I didn't feel all that much better today, but hopefully I will by tomorrow! Please pray that God will heal me quickly! I don't think mommy and daddy can take seeing me this way...

Yeah, I do NOT feel good. It's pitiful, really.

My lovie has been a constant companion the last few days!

And my fingers always make me feel better :o)