Sunday, August 12, 2007

Five Years!!!

Five years ago on Friday, my mommy and daddy were in a little church in Dumas, Texas getting married! Of course, I wasn't there but I hear they had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends and glorifying God for bringing them together :o) It's been fun to hear them re-tell a bunch of wedding stories, engagement stories and newlywed stories this week (we're talking about some funny stuff here). I also got to see some of the happy do those two look!?!
They said they thought they'd never be happier than on that day in August....but I just heard them saying that it's actually happened :o) Mommy and daddy love each other (and me) even more today than they could have ever imagined. I am SO thankful that God created my mommy and daddy for each other! And....I love to hear mommy and daddy praying that God will bring the blessing of marriage to me some day (a long way off, but you know what I mean).

So, in honor of their anniversary, I actually got to celebrate with my first big girl overnight trip all by myself! I got to go stay with Gigi and Granddaddy Carlisle while mommy and daddy spent a couple days in Salado. I had SO much fun!!! I really didn't even miss them all that much (sorry parents!) because I had so much attention from my grandparents. We played, swam in the pool, made an appearance at Granddaddy's work, and just had fun. I hear mommy and daddy had a really fun time too. They stayed in this little cottage in Salado, did some shopping, did a little wine tasting, ate a lot, went to see a movie, spent some time reminiscing at Baylor and even stopped at a Gebo's farm store (don't ask!). I can't wait until they let me go on another over night trip...I'll have to think of a good excuse to get them to let me go away by myself again. And next time, mommy and daddy said I can stay with Karo and Grandpa Rowe :o) Thanks for letting me stay, Gigi and Granddaddy...I had SO much fun!

Swimming with Gigi!

Reading a story with Granddaddy!

Uh oh...they caught me!

Playing with Gigi :o)

Gigi and Granddaddy dropping me off with mommy and daddy!

Happy Five Years, mommy and daddy!!!