Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy's Day!!!

Today was a special day for me and Daddy! It was our first time to celebrate Daddy's Day. And what a day it was! Mommy helped me wake daddy up with a special breakfast before church - I think he really enjoyed it :o) Then, we went to church and learned about how special God created our daddies to be! I even wore the dress that daddy picked out and bought for me...and I talked him into matching me this morning. So cute! After church, I took daddy out to eat at his favorite - Roadhouse! I scored some big points for that :o) The rest of the day, we did whatever daddy wanted to do...I mean, it was HIS day. We watched a little golf (I'm realizing this is something he REALLY likes), went swimming at the Natatorium (SO fun), opened daddy's presents (his favorite thing I got him were some personalized golf balls that say "Good luck, Daddy. I love you, Emerson") and just played around at home. I love my daddy SO much and I'm glad Hallmark came up with this day for daddies (he told me that's how it started, anyway)!

Dear Daddy,
I love you SO much! From the very first time I laid eyes on you, I knew you were gonna be very special to me! We hit it off from the very beginning - you gave me my very first bath, changed my first diaper, you even made me feel better by having a good cry with me :o)

We had such a great time the first week I was home - you took such good care of me! I knew even then, that you were crazy about me! You would hold me and kiss me and love on me. That was the part I liked most - getting your lovies! You even let me watch football with you and taught me some crazy Baylor Bear stuff :o)

When I was really little, you had to go on a trip for about one week. I missed you SO much! It was really hard not having you here, but mommy and I were so proud of you earning your Masters! And the best part was getting to cuddle with you once you got home :o)

One of the things I am most grateful for about you is that you make sure our family goes to church and learns about Jesus! I love listening to the sweet prayers you pray for me every night and I love going to church with you! I especially loved the day you and mommy dedicated me :o)

For about four months, you and I had a chance to spend two mornings a week getting ready together while mommy was at work. I always loved those mornings! I know it was a little crazy for you, but I sure am thankful you were there to get me up, feed me, get me dressed and take me to Kennedy's. (P.S. Don't tell mommy, but I miss those mornings with you, daddy!)

We have SO much fun playing together! You love to get on the floor with me and just play, play, play. It's fun watching you play with my toys - you always make funny sounds and do new things with them that mommy and I would have never even thought of! It must be the boy in you :o) Oh, and I love playing "helicopter" with you!

I love your hugs, daddy! You are so sweet with me and I love the way you wrap your arms around me :o) Please don't ever stop those hugs, okay?

Thank you for all the ways that you take care of me! You go to work and sacrifice for me, you buy me the things I need, you made a beautiful room for me to sleep in, you give me baths when I'm getting dirty, you change my "shooie" diapers (with a smile and everything), you even feed me when I'm hungry! I'm such a lucky gal!

Daddy, I love when you teach me new things! I've learned SO many things just by watching you and listening to you! You take every little chance you can get to teach me and help me learn - even at Home Depot! I'm pretty sure I know way more about tools and plants and stuff than most little girlies my age :o)

Another think I love about you is how funny you are! You're always making me laugh and just being silly with me. Mommy and I hope that I get your sense of humor someday :o)

Most of all, I just love how special you make me feel! I really think you must think I'm the sweetest little girl out there. I mean, you take such good care of me, love on me, play with me, teach me and want the best things in life for me! I am SO thankful that God let you be my daddy! I hope you always know how much I love you...don't forget it, mister!

Your little Munchkin,