Saturday, June 30, 2007

8 Months Old

Month eight is great! I am getting so big, you know? This month I learned so many new things and have really had alot of fun with mommy and daddy! They are SO silly - they laugh at everything I do and it really cracks me up :o) Mommy and daddy are always telling me to stop growing up so fast, but I just can't help it! Here are some of the things I've done this month:

- Things that I like - my puppy!, jumping in my jumperoo (I can make it go really high!), blowing spit bubbles, counting the pictures on the wall, watching my "talking" toys, going to the grocery store, my "Puffy" that Aunt Sarah got me, PraiseBaby videos, playing in the water, reading books (especially ones that make noise)
- Things I don't like - accidentally banging my head on the table (OUCH!), smiling at strangers (sorry, folks), turning on the jets in mommy and daddy's bathtub (SCARY), having my face wiped off, missing my grandparents!
- Silly things I do - wiggle away during diaper changes, stare at people!, love eating lemons (I will suck them dry even though I'm making a sour face!), I'm a total daredevil - I love being thrown in the air and swinging upside down
- First time I got to sit in the front of the shopping cart and the highchair at restaurants (mommy wouldn't let me until my cart cover got here - she is such a germ-a-phobe)!
- Started eating meats, but I didn't exactly LOVE them so now I eat meat + a veggie. Much better!
- Started saying "dada" and "mama" all the time. Mommy laughs because I say "dadada" when I'm playing and having fun and I say "mamama" when I'm mad about something. Figures.
- Started smacking after every bite :o) This one really makes them laugh!
- Spent my first weekend at the lake
- Learned to spit my food out onto mommy and daddy :o)
- Then I started learning the word, "no" :o)
- Started getting to eat my own food when we go out to restaurants and people love to watch me get real messy!
- Had some fun playdates and lunchdates with Micah, Luke, Pierce, Nate, London, Ava and Erica
- Had Kennedy over to play a few days
- Started rolling around EVERYWHERE!
- Helped daddy celebrate his first Father's day....I love you daddy!
- Went swimming at the big pool for the first time
- Had daddy's Uncle Steve and Aunt Cara come stay with us for a week (can't believe we didn't get any pictures of that)
- Started "moving" alot - figured out how to get from sitting to my hands and knees and back to sitting again, started sitting up in my crib after my naps (surprise mommy!), started pulling up to my knees
- Realized how much I LOVE to watch big kids, especially Mayce and Bryce - I wish you could have seen how much they crack me up, I've never laughed that hard in my life!!!
- Started eating some finger foods and I LOVE it! So far I've had: Gerber puffs, avacado, scrambled eggs, shredded chicken, tomato, peaches, bananas, cheese. Yum! Daddy laughs because I like to store up a few pieces of food in my hands for later :o)