Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sunshine and Flowers

Today was the most beautiful day! So, daddy and mommy and I spent some time outside giving the lawn some much needed attention :o) First, we went to buy some new flowers at the nursery and I even got to help pick them out. We chose lots of bright colors cause they made us smile! Then, we went home and got to work...mommy and daddy actually did most of the work, but I supervised from my jumperoo. Hehe! Daddy did a TON of work trimming the bushes and mowing and then helped mommy plant all the new flowers. I was more interested in all the birdies and sounds outside. By the end of our day, I think you would agree that the lawn looks WAY better! I can't wait till I'm bigger and can help mommy take care of the flowers all the time. After we were done with everything, we celebrated our hard work by going to eat at one of our favorites - La Hacienda Ranch. Yum! What a great day!

Here we are at the nursery, picking out our flowers

Here's a pic of me supervising in the shade :o)

Daddy and mommy doing all the work :o)

Daddy is teaching me about the flowers!

Me and mommy after a long day's work