Saturday, October 28, 2006

At the hospital...

We're here...ready to have the baby.

Much to our surprise, we went into our doctor's office for a visit yesterday and they said it was time to go to the hospital. Jessica was showing some moderately high blood pressure and since she was already full term, they wanted to induce labor to be on the safe side.

After letting the precursor to the inducing drugs run its course last night, they started Jessica on Pitocin today. That's the drug that is supposed to get contractions going consistently. The doctor decided we'd move ahead and they administered an epidural about an hour ago. Jessica feels fine now, although some of those contractions before the epidural were pretty intense. She's taking a nap as I write this and the nurses think she'll be ready to start pushing sometime this afternoon or evening.

We'll send more when the baby is born. For now, just wanted to keep everyone in the loop!

Keep us in your prayers. Scott and Jessica (and soon-to-be baby girl)